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PAK-TURK INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS & COLLEGES are pioneer educational institutions established in 1994 for the pursuit of excellence in education in Pakistan. Bringing aside a 27-years educational experience all over the world as well as Turkey, Pak-Turk International Schools & Colleges set their journey as humble rafts and are the volunteers bear the torch of scientific and spiritual information all over the world. With a reputation of exquisite academic precision, the Institutions form parts of a chain of educational institutions run by dedicated and experienced Turkish nationals throughout the world on non-governmental basis. They are equipped to provide studies to Montessori System in Junior Sections and Matriculation and Intermediate levels as well as "O" and "A" levels in Senior Section offering students the opportunity to get admission in Pakistan and elsewhere. Besides the promotion of education in Pakistan, the ultimate object of the Pak-Turk International Schools & Colleges is to develop and train creative intellectuals and enable them to face the challenges of the 21st century in all spheres of life. Our profound experience of 27 years in educational sector throughout Turkey and worldwide encourages us to be one of the most accomplished institutions in Pakistan in the near future.

Recognising the need for developing and expanding facilities of good education in Pakistan, these international institutions aim at providing quality education to the Pakistani youth by adapting modern methods of instruction in order to equip them with knowledge and skills and to enable them to play a constructive role in the society. The Institutions strive to produce youth with a balanced personality to be integrated with their past and prepare them for the future with a high sense of discipline and duty.


It is said that it is not all the stories end well, but we are going to tell you a "well-ending" story, named the "Golden Story" :

Our two bright students, Mian Muhammad Daood Amjad and Mubasher Erfan Malik were the delegates of Pakistan for the 4th International Environmental Project Olympiad held in Istanbul on 3-6 July 1996. The young competitors were put up in Istanbul for a week.

The 4th International Environmental Project Olympiad, gathered all the young environmentalists all over the world, the volunteers about environmental problems competed with one another with scientific projects. Our students had the opportunity to know Turkey and to work with the youths all over the world. Their project was prepared and carried out under the supervision of Prof. Recai YILMAZ and was introduced under the title : "Using 'Neem' tree as an alternative insecticide instead of DDT in the Third World Countries". They proved that the use of synthetic pesticides and insecticides causes severe damages especially in the Third World countries and is producing painful effects on the environment. They specially mentioned DDT and its harmful effects as a syntetic insecticide. They have strongly recommended the use of "Neem" as an alternative insect pesticide. The project representing Pakistan stood first among 61 projects and the team brought the gold medals to Pakistan.

The organisation was performed in the Environmental Week with the particiaption of environmentalists from the realm of science and politics and came to an end with a magnificent awarding ceremony. In the end, Daood and Mubasher, two golden young men, returned to Pakistan with a gold medal as a team.

In 1999, Pak-Turk International Schools & Colleges moved on to new series of success in international science competitions. In the 7th International Environmental Project Olympiad on 7-10 June 1999 Istanbul, Turkey, Meelad Mansoor Dawlaty of Pak-Turk was awarded the silver medal for his project 'Whey is no more pollutant.' The project alike other Pak-Turk environmental projects, supervised by Prof. Recai YILMAZ.

The mathematicians at Pak-Turk did not wait long to prove their strength: In the 1st International Mathematics Project Competition on 15-20 June 1999 in Almaty, Kazakstan, Asadulllah Khan Kakar was awarded the broze medal for his project 'Advanced Functions' supervised by Prof. Nuh Atilla CELIK and Prof. E.Erkan DERIN.

These projects have also been exhibited in the National Science and Technology Fair organised by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Pakistan Science Foundation, Government of Pakistan, on October 23 - November 1, 1999 at Pakistan Sports Complex, Kashmir Road, Islamabad and the environmental project of Meelad Mansoor Dawlaty through Prof. Recai YILMAZ, was again awarded the silver medal by the international jury among tens of local and international projects. This also verified the success of the Pak-Turk International Schools & Colleges.

Enter year 2000, and Pak-Turk was once again prepared for success overseas. In January 2000, Pak-Turk International Schools & Colleges participated to the 1st Inter-School Educational Olympiad organised by the Karachi High School in collaboration with the News. Masood Jamal Dalil of Class 7 took the first position with his project named 'Lunar Buggy, a remote control mobile device able to take over hindrances. Wahaj Tanvir and Waqas-un-Nabi from Class 8 participated to the Quiz Competition and were awarded Honorary Mention awards. Usame Fethullah Esendir and Farhan Azeem Khakwani received Honorary Mention awards in web page development.

In June 2000, three students from Pak-Turk International Schools & Colleges participated to the 1st International Project Olympiad at Almaty, Kazakhstan in Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology. Supervised by Prof Erkan E. Derin, Muhammad Abbas of Class 8 was awarded Silver Medal for his project 'Skew Matrices'. Supervised by Prof Seyfullah Konukseven, Hassaan Tanvir of Class 7 was awarded Bronze Medal for his project 'Stereoscopes'. Supervised by Prof Erkan Kurtoglu, Shahzeb Mansoor of Class 9 was awarded Silver Medal for his project 'Compression With Hoffmann Technique'. Shahzeb was also awarded the Best Presentation Award amongst 140 rival projects.

This year, in the 2nd International Mathematics Project Olympiad at Almaty, Kazakstan, supervised by Prof Bayram Urkmez, Muhammad Abbas of Class 9 was awarded Bronze Medal for his project 'Implementations of Fermat Theorem'.

Pak-Turk is going to participate to the 1st International Computer Project Olympiad, which is to be held in June 2001 at Ashghabat, Turkmenistan, with Juzer Abbas of Class 9, supervised by Prof Irfan Canan.

Success became the tradition of the Pak-Turk students and it seems they are not going to let it go for a long time!

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